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 Windows has a lot more apps than most of us realize, and they sync up great across devices. Rather than dive into mind-numbing demo-land we met up with savvy Windows users across the country who showed us how their favorite apps and the Windows ecosystem help them pursue their passion.

The first episode took us to Wyoming to ride along with Storm Chaser, Scott Hammel. He showed us his setup and how his go-to-apps keep him in the chase.


Teaser outtakes for Twitter and Instagram helped drive traffic to the App Store and campaign landing page where we featured a variety of video content and App kits from Scott's Apps for the chase, to guys behind Bohemian Guitars with apps for startups, the music biz and so on.


Lumia Icon: Sick Day



At launch, the Icon was the best smartphone video camera out there.  And Millennials need to see technology in action before they invest. So we rigged ten icons onto two F2000 race cars to push the limits of the phone's video capabilities, while showcasing its features.


At about 150mph the G-Force on then lens caused the video quality to warble a bit. Not too shabby for a phone. The campaign launched on Facebook and Twitter, and received almost 100k likes, 10k shares and thousands of re-tweets.