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When you have rad friends who are also eager to make things, somehow, you always find the time. 

This one night...

I was back in Dubai freelancing with some old friends, and we got to chatting about how fun it would be to drop a depressed clown into Dubai's absurd landscape– confused, lost and completely out of his element. Except he'd fit in perfectly. At first it was sort of a joke. We always compared the mix of humanity and costumes in that town to a Star Wars circus with no self-awareness.  Then we realized a clown's the perfect metaphor for a culture obsessed with masks, from the name brands to the inflated titles, and how empty the town can feel until you reject that fluff. Then magical things start to happen and you find like-minded souls who surface from dust. For me, what started as a cute idea about a clown became a ode to the gorgeous friends I found there. 

So I threw it into a wobbly script. With a week of pre-pro, some location curveballs, zero budget, and a student film crew from S.A.E. Institute, we shot it just before the summer heat got too mean.